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Let's just cut to the chase

No doubt you're sick of dealing with councils and consultants. I totally know how you feel. I've been in the planning business for nearly 25 years, I've seen a lot of bullsh!t over that time. Yes the planning process is complicated, but it doesn't need to be.

It's not surprising that many people think that councils and town planners are deliberately making things more complicated to keep you out of it. I've seen it happen, and it's not cool.

I think that it's important that you know exactly what you need to know. Plain and simple.

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How I work

Collaborative & Human centred

I work collaboratively with you the client and the council folks that you will likely cross paths with during your project. Having a lot of unnecessary arguments just costs everyone time and money. By putting your needs at the centre of everything that I do, I make the process of dealing with councils as enjoyable as possible. Okay so maybe not "enjoyable". Perhaps "painless" is a better description. As painless as possible.

Innovative & Pioneering Concepts

I am very comfortable pushing the boundaries of the planning and land development sector to be more customer focussed and entrepreneurial. Over the years I have taken tried and tested methods from the world of business and applied them to government. Whether it's developing a plan changes in 5 days, making submissions via YouTube, or building interactive web maps. That's how I roll. 

Industry Leadership & Promoting best practice

When I've not helping people discover the development potential of their land, I spend my time showing councils and government agencies how much easier they could make life for people like you. Yes, it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it! As part of that work I promote the use of #opendata for more effective and transparent decision making. In other words, I know my way around public organisations to get the data that will make your project awesome!  


Powered by data

Unlike most planning consultants, I prefer not to play 'buzzword bingo' by writing wordy technical reports full of jargon. 

Instead, I use data, maps, and 3D models to illustrate my land development projects.


Take a look at what I mean

About Me

MY NAME IS Nick Williamson

I've worked in the town planning field for nearly 25 years. Much of that time has been spent in and around local government, although I spend a lot of time talking to ‘ordinary people’ as well. My specialist area has been acting as interpreter where lay people and technocrats collide.